Great Resource

There is a great new (relatively) resource for online video tools.  It is by the founder of wikipedia and is a learning video resource center.  On this wiki there are thousands of educational videos to use in class.  The best part about the site is the way it is organized easily categorized to find what you need in one spot.  Just like wikipedia, this wiki can be edited by it’s users to add, rate, and re-categorize videos.  Here is the link.

3 ways to help

Good morning everyone!  I just wanted to mention that recently parents have mentioned to me three ways that teachers can show their support for programs and efforts that they are working o to help teachers and students.

1.  PTA  The PTA is looking for more teachers to sign up as PTA members.  I know that it is difficult to show up for monthly meetings, but by signing up as a member would show support for the programs and hard work they put together for students and teachers.  I’m going to have Jean put applications in teachers mailboxes today. As an added incentive I’m going to reduce the amount of membership from $7 to $5 dollars and if you have your membership in by Friday or have already turned it in you can wear jeans this Friday.

2.  The Sports Boosters have been working very hard for the past two years raising money for the sports programs.  They would very much like to see coaches at the dinner dance/silent auction on Saturday Nov. 13th.  I am asking all coaches to please try to make this event.  The event is at Cornerstone.  The price is $35 but includes dinner and 3 hour open bar.  I will make sure the flyer is in your mailboxes.

3.  On Sunday, November 8th there will be a District wide Tailgate for Technology Party in our Commons. This is an event to raise money for teachers to get smart boards in their classroom.   For $5.oo you can come and watch the Bears v. Cardinals game on the big screen and eat lunch.  The parents would like to see as many teachers as possible at this event.(especially teachers that want a smart board)

All of these events are run by a small group of parents that value the work that you do with their children every day and want to support you as well as EJH.  If you can make any or all of these events it would be greatly appreciated.

StafF Development Review

Here are some of the topics that were discussed at the District Staff Development Meeting yesterday.

SIP Day October 30.  I need feedback from team, departments, and individuals on how our time should be spent on this day.  Possible needs are RTI/Interventions, curriculum work, modifications, technology….  Please email me by Friday your feedback with OCT SIP as your subject title.

I also need feedback from the writing committee on what you would like Courtney Gordon to share with you in December and March.  We will only have her for 2 hours on the December date(not sure the exact date yet) and again on March 12th.  The december date is a day when we have a normal school day and subs might have to be arranged depending on your plans.  Talk with each other and then let me know.

Teams:  Make sure you are using the CRT Database to document all student needs, modifications, and strategies, communication…  All schools in the district will now be doing so.  This will enable us to have a running record for each student.  If anyone needs help with the process please let me know.

Also on November 24th we are going to have a half day institute focusing on technology.  If you are interested in giving a presentation please let me know.  You would get paid $25 dollars an hour for up to 3 hours of planning.  The presentation would be 75 minutes long.  Also if there are topics you would like to see a presentation on let Michelle Goshko know.

Mental Karate Calendar Link

Th L/A and Reading Department asked me to draft a calendar to use as a guideline for Mental Karate for the year.  I created it on Google Calendar and will try to explain it to their department.   You need to have a google account with the district to access it.  See me if you need help with this.

text to Obama’s, Bush’s, and Reagan’s Speeches to Students

The link to this CNN article has a PDF file to Obama’s speech to students.  It also has the PDF file to President Bush’s and Reagan’s past speeches to students.

Magazine Kick-off 9-21-2009

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Magazine Kick-off for seventh and eighth graders will be Monday September 21st during 2nd period in the commons.  There will be a teacher Meeting at 7:15A.M. that day.  Magazine rep Erin McInery will be bringing breakfast and you will also be excused from team meeting for that day.

SIP Day Agenda 5-8-2009

11-12 Lunch on your own

12-1  Articulation between grades  (7th grade will be split to articulate with 6th and 8th grades, electives and PE will be included.  Details as to who goes where will be given at the Staff Meeting on Wed)

1-1:45P.M.  RTI Committee Meeting

1P.M.-3P.M.  All teachers should be working in departments during the rest of the day to look over their curriculum maps and make necessary  changes.  These changes should be electronically submitted to Amy Brundage who will give them to Dr. Carlo.



Staff Meeting Agenda for 5-6-2009

1.  Team Reports

2.  End of the Year Calendar Update

3.  SIP Day Schedule

4.  Award Confirmation and Voting

5.  Recognition



Just a reminder that your student award recipients and nominations for the “big” end of the year awards are due to Jean by Wednesday.  Please let me know if you have any questions. 


April Staff Meeting Agenda for Wednesday 4-15-2008

Team Reports

Map Testing Round 3

End of the Year Calendar

Student Award Process

Ordering for next year

Schedule for Next Year